I have worked with Hagen since I began my career as a professional soccer player at VfB Stuttgart six years ago. His personal style of treatment helped me hugely to improve my skills and to recover from injuries and the fantastic advice on health and nutrition is so important for me. Myoreflex Therapy has definitely contributed to optimising my performance and I intend to regularly continue my treatments with Hagen 

Sami Khedira, Real Madrid



I have known Hagen for more than six years and benefited from his Myoreflex Therapy ever since. As well as treating injuries, Myoreflex helps to prevent injuries. Hagen helped me to understand, why certain injures occur and how to prevent them. Often, it only needs one or two sets of treatments to feel a big difference.

Thomas Hitzlsperger, Everton & German National Team



jens LehmannHagen Stroh is a highly educated Physiotherapist, who even spent a lot of time in further education while he was working for VfB Stuttgart, a  professional football team in Germany. That was extraordinary because the working hours are very high there. I met him at the age of 38, when  I came to Stuttgart after my time in London. In my 2 years in Stuttgart he worked with me regularly and helped to maintain a very good  condition of my physique. This resulted in the highest appearance-rate in training as well as in games of the whole Bundesliga despite my age. I  really appreciated his skills of a complex approach on working at all different areas of the human body.

 Jens Lehmann, former Goalkeeper for Arsenal, VfB Stuttgart and National Goalkeeper Germany



Timo Hildebrand I have been working closely with Hagen for many years now. Our highlight was winning the Bundesliga championship together with VfB Stuttgart. Most recently he worked with me in Lisbon over a 4-month period, focusing on injury prevention, stretching and nutrition. Hagen is definitely my physiotherapist of choice and I find his Myoreflex Therapy treatments to be extremely effective. I wish him all the best in Ireland and will definitely be over for treatments and more healthy dinners.   

Timo Hildebrand, Goalkeeper, FC Schalke & former National Goalkeeper Germany




Cacau"I know hagen for more than four years and have always been treated by him. He treated me not only after injury but also on a prophylactic basis. Due to his therapy I was able to play more games.” 

Cacau, Striker, Vfb Stuttgart and German National Team





As you probably know Hagen is away working out of the country with a music group on their world tour. Since January 2015 Jill Collins, who is also a fully qualified and experienced Myoreflex Therapist, is continuing the good work with Myoreflex Therapy. Here are some testimonials showing the extent of the great work Jill is doing.


"I have been suffering with lower back problems for the last thirty five years, sometimes walking in a twisted and very painful way for weeks at a time, I have finally found a lovely lady who has me walking upright again after only one hours treatment. Thank you kindly Jill. Highly recommended."

Seamus Mannion


I had been suffering with tennis elbow for 4 weeks before I was told about Myoreflex. The pain was so bad I couldn't turn the key in my front door or pick up a knife or fork (or pint!) After just two sessions with Jill and her use of a different type of therapy, very affective work was done on my arm and body and I was well on the road to recovery. As a result of two treatments, along with some home exercise that Jill recommended that I do, my arm is 100% again. So a big thank you to Jill and co. If you're in pain, give them a call!!

Colin Dowling 


It is obvious that both Hagen and Jill are highly skilled in understanding the human body and the demands of each individual. Prior to coming to their clinic I had previously visited a number of physiotherapists and chiropractors, but they weren’t as accurate in pinpointing my problem areas. Myoreflex is particularly effective because it usually only takes one or two sessions to identify and alleviate my back pain. Therefore, unlike other treatment centres, I don’t need to book regular bi-monthly sessions that are costly and take time out of my schedule. 

Dr. Kate Mc Cauley


After having surgery on my back 6 years ago, I feared the worst when I injured it again this year especially when an MRI confirmed it was the same issue again. I was lucky however in that a friend recommended Myoreflex as an alternative worth trying before the worrying route of surgery again. I honestly couldn’t recommend Myoreflex or Jill more. From the minute I arrived I felt at ease. Jill explained the process thoroughly and answered any questions I had. Although the initial sessions were painful I felt an improvement after just 2 or 3 sessions. After just 4 weeks there was a dramatic improvement and I was back walking and swimming. My only regret is that I didn’t know of Jill or Myoreflex 6 years ago as I could have saved myself having surgery then also.

Chris Nally

Over the last few months I have being having treatments with Jill for an old muscular injury. It was causing me pain and affecting my sinuses also, I did try other routes first but they didn`t help. I feel great now and want to say thank you so much and I would highly recommend myoreflex therapy with you Jill.



Having had treatments for my persistent back pain from Hagen, I didn’t think I would find anyone else as good until I fell off my bicycle at high speed and had a treatment from Jill Collins at Myoreflex Therapy. I’m aware of the strength of Hagen’s hands and how well his treatments work and discovered that Jill’s hands and techniques are just as powerful. After a mere two treatments with Jill, the spasms and pain in my lower back were gone. I highly recommend Myoreflex Therapy as an alternative treatment for any aches, pains or discomforts that your body may be experiencing. 

Claire O'Donohue


"A horse jumped on my right arm last November – don’t even ask how that happened...Having spent months being mis-diagnosed with traditional routes, pill popping for the pain & trying to work with an arm that I could’nt lift, I eventually found my way to Hagan who was recommended by my yoga teacher.  Initially I was sceptical, not because I didn't like Hagen, but because I had spent a fortune with doctors & physio’s telling me they could fix me when they didn't!  

I was proved wrong – Hagen has a brilliant understanding of muscles/ligaments/joints and how everything works together or doesn't – his approach is very down to earth & inspires confidence in his patients. It took 8 sessions [he said it would take 10] and I can’t say I found it the most enjoyable experience as there was pain involved, but I was 100% better at the end.

At 54 years of age & still leaping about on horses with no intention of stopping, I intend to have a maintenance visit with Hagan every 6/7 weeks to keep everything in order. I cannot thank you enough Hagen & I feel better than ever before."   

Carol Hogan


“I just wanted to say a big thank you! I can't believe the pain is nearly gone, sometimes I "miss" that pain and of course don't want it back, if this makes any sense. I was in pain for too long and I only wish I'd met you sooner. I am back on the treadmill (10 mns run) and pool 10 mins.) this is a big achievement. I am keeping on practising yoga, walking. I am still taking the galactose, IT WORKS. I am grateful to have met you. If pain is back I won't go anywhere else anymore." 

Best Regards, Sophie


After years of playing various sports, namely hockey, I had started to suffer constantly from a number of minor injuries. This week it was back pain, the next week it was my hips, on and on until eventually I gave in and visited Jill to get fixed (up until this point I never went to physios or for massages because I always thought "ah I'll be grand!"). After 4/5 sessions with Jill I was looser than ever and no longer hindered by silly injuries week in, week out. Always friendly and very knowledgable, would recommend Jill and myoreflex to anyone in a heartbeat. Keep up the great work!

Simon Thornton Jr.


I first visited Hagen while suffering from server vertigo in early pregnancy. No one seemed to be able to help or treat the problem until I came to Hagen. I also attended Hagen post pregnancy with back/neck issues, which were much better even after just one session. I would highly recommend myoreflex therapy with Hagen.

Judith Sheridan, Monkstown


" In the weeks after my son was born, we noticed that his head was always resting to the left. Hagen examined him and gave him a gentle but very effective treatment. He was holding his head straight in the car on the way home from his first session. Hagen has a lovely way with babies and I'd highly recommend him."

Natacha Joyce, Greystones


“When you are vulnerable you need to be able to trust a practitioner and be confident that they are competent and safe. In a recent period  of need  driven by trauma and pain, I crawled into Hagen’s surgery at 8am one morning. I immediately utterly trusted him and felt this man is going to get me well.

The treatment sessions were a full hour each and during those sessions I physically and psychologically calmed down. I believe Hagen “minded” as well as treated me, his astute sensitivity to my distress and his ability to reassure, provided  the first ever holistic medical experience I have had. I am well again, and can honestly say no more than a profound thank you to Hagen, who has earned my respect and send best wishes for the future.“

Dee Kearney, Rathfarnham


I am 82 years old and as a result of a stroke suffer very poor balance. I also have chronic sinusitis. The treatment I have been having from Hagen for the past year has made a huge difference to both conditions. I am a lot more steady on my feet and get great relief after treatment, from the sinusitis when it flares up.

Betty Ganter, Dundrum


 “I’m 33 years old and was diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis in my back and feet 3 years ago. Since then I have seen numerous doctors, physiotherapists and acupuncturists, all to no avail. I was prescribed a lot of different medication, with little to no relief to my pain. I was feeling very low, having been in pain for 3 years, and as a result had developed anxiety attacks. 6 months ago I found the Myoreflex clinic. My life has changed dramatically since then. Hagen understood instantly what was wrong and even after just one visit, I felt some relief. That was the chink of light that I had been looking for, and it kept me coming back. I’ve gone from being a person who couldn’t walk more than a few steps, to being able to function perfectly well pain free. I can’t explain this difference that it has made to my life. What were insignificant tasks to others were insurmountable obstacles to me and things like being able to walk about the house in bare feet or being able to sleep through the night without waking in pain, have made the world of difference to me and to those around me.  I can honestly say that Hagen has given me my life back and has also helped me to understand how to control this disease.  For the first time in a long time I feel positive about my future and I’m looking forward to seeing even more improvements as time goes on. I would recommend this therapy to anyone.”

Jessica Hickey, Greystones


I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you so much for your help with our toddler Jacob, I cannot get over the difference in him, he is no longer suffering in pain when doing his bowel movements, and I cannot express how grateful we are to see the difference it has made to his life and to ours too, not having to watch him suffer needlessly everyday...so thank you again.

Tanya, Churchtown 


“I feel excellent Hagen! I sleep on both my hips no bother... :) and started to preparing for Sugar Loaf run for July the 20th.I don't experience that discomfort of loosing the strength in my hands or the pains and needles... I keep stretching as you showed me to and I can't believe it took only 2 session to feel comfortable again. So it's been great so far!”

Justyna Hammon, Greystones